EggCorn Productions

Jared Januschka

I strive to create new signifiers, beyond movement images and passive sounds, which will inspire imagination, intellect, and emotion, in cinema.

About Jared                

I grew up in Colorado.  In my teens, I worked as a bike messenger, money I used for acting classes, 40 miles away in Denver.   I was accepted into California Institute of the Arts after auditioning in NYC.   While participating in CalArts' intensive acting program, I studied screen writing and worked a private internship with producer Michael Gruskoff.  After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles and wrote, directed and produced 38 low-budget commercials for Coke, Chevy and American Express.  I was able to travel the world and build a network of crew members.  I put the profits into my first short film, The Men of Santa Muerte, which won numerous awards including Best Action film at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase Festival in Beverly Hills.  My next three short films: See How They RunThe Sure Shot, and Cleveland’s Cookie will be entering the festival circuit this upcoming fall.  Beyond film I enjoy classic literature, Tai Chi and nutrition.